Wall Mounted Bathroom Revolving Rack


1. Clever use of space solves the problem of cluttered counters and cluttered bathrooms.
2. Imagine a “bathroom corner free punching rack”, a rotatable storage rack for organizing and storing your daily necessities.
3. Turn every corner into a useful space!
4. Reasonable use of space, and care products in a reasonable location, so that the bathroom and toilet are tidy.

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1. 180 Degree rotation: Suitable for 180 Degree flat-angle walls and 90 Degree right-angle walls. It is very suitable for kitchen and bathroom, easy to install at any angle of the wall.
2. Use scenario: Put shower gel, shampoo and other bath products in the bathroom, toilet products like soap and toothbrush cups are placed in the bathroom, etc.
3. Strong load-bearing: Solid material, firm paste, strong load-bearing capacity, maximum load-bearing 7KG. Even in a humid environment, it can stick to the wall and is not easy to fall off.
4. Drain hole design: The hollow design is convenient for drainage, and the bathroom can be kept dry to prevent damp and mildew. Make your bathroom cleaner and cleaner.


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